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Project Summary:
QuickCounters is a .NET library which makes it extremely easy to get the common, request-level performance counters that are interesting in just about any service you might write. A custom WinForms viewer is part of the library (which can be more convenient than PerfMon in some cases), as well as special support for BizTalk and WCF usage scenarios.

QuickCounters recognizes that the Windows Performance Counter technology that has been with us since the early days of the Windows NT lineage is often still the best choice for providing (and consuming) detailed performance metrics.

QuickCounters also recognizes that for any given service request (whether you are dealing with general .net components, web services, .net remoting interfaces, Enterprise Services components, BizTalk orchestrations, etc.) there are several metrics which turn out to be interesting for performance testing, operational health analysis, and historical trending. The idea with QuickCounters is to raise the level of abstraction from that of an individual performance counter up to the request itself, using a simple API.


Getting Started

Simplest Sample


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